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Melissa Webster
Creative Director, Interior Designer

Mel’s holistic approach to design resolution, comes from a deep understanding of our environment and the affect our surroundings impose on our well-being. Her signature, pared back interiors calm the senses, through considered design and minimalist aesthetics.

Mel’s intuitive spatial planning and innate energy awareness has lead her to further these modalities, focused on the mind-body-environment connection and how this enhances our wellbeing. She is currently formalising her intuitive knowledge of Feng Shui, and Building Biology, and moonlights as a private Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. This wholistic approach to design ultimately supports those who live, work and engage in the spaces Mel and her team create for their clients.

Katie Wade
Photographer, Interior Stylist

As resident Photographer and Senior Stylist, Kate brings a unique eye to each project, designing from a place of both aesthetic value and functionality for her clients. Her recent time abroad lead to photographic exhibitions of the backroads of India and Sri Lanka, and brought home an appreciation of the fundamentals of living large and keeping life simple. Her interiors translate this connection and combine a global aesthetic with refined simplicity.

Kristy Logue
Studio Manager, Interior Designer

Integral to the Gather Team, Kristy brings calm to the Gather table. Her approach to modern design challenges the status quo and encourages the team to consider alternatives through her sourcing and product research for individual projects. She brings a clients perspective to each of her projects and connects on a personal level to make sure their spaces look, and more importantly feel, good to each person.


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