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Eames by design | Charles and Ray Eames

Oct 10, 2014

“The details are not the details; the details make the product.”  –  Charles Eames

Charles and Ray Eames were masters of design, a dynamic duo affectionately known as ‘the architect and the painter’. Together they helped to shape the design world as we know it.

While researching them, I was excited to find out how the Eames’ saw the world, to find out what inspired them and their process from conception through to construction. They wanted to produce pieces that would last a lifetime that were both functional and stylish. They aimed to enrich society, to inspire and to educate.Charles and Ray would focus on the small details and would rework every little aspect over and over until it was perfect. It was never a ‘flash of brilliance’ but often years of trial and error.  It was this attention to detail and their willingness to strive for brilliance that gives their pieces integrity and timeless style.

Their designs are still being produced by Herman Miller to the same exact specifications that Charles and Ray laboured upon.

Eames designs do exactly what they are meant to do without visually hogging the limelight. Like all good design, they fit seamlessly into their surroundings and improve it. This refinement has led to Charles and Ray being perhaps the most famous design partnership in history. They will continue to influence future design.

These are just some of their many designs we love:

eames plywood chair

1946 | Moulded plywood chair
eames famous dot pattern

1947 | Ray Eames’ famous dot pattern
eames house exterior

eames house interior

1949 | Eames house. Started out as a project but C&R moved in and spent the rest of their lives there

1951 | Wire table
eames wire mesh chair

1951 | Wire mesh chairs
eames-rockereames plastic moulded chair

1954 | Moulded fibre glass rocker and chair, later made in moulded plastic
eames lounge and ottoman

1956 | Lounge and ottoman. Leather and moulded plywood
leather and aluminium swivel chair

1969 | Leather and aluminium swivel chair