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by | Oct 20, 2015

Earth Throw from the Riverstone Collection

“Your blanket holds a story hidden in the stitches, whispering from deep within the folds.”

We are devoted to finding perfect pieces for our homes that are gentle on our little families and gentle on the environment. Imagine our delight when we saw Linda Reeve’s blankets. Their natural tones and stitching were timeless and gorgeous. The real delight began when we touched them and we fell in love with the rich texture and supreme softness. Linda is the creator and knitter extraordinaire of the Melbourne based The Flying Lamb, with a passion for the traditional craft. She creates luxuriously soft throws and sumptuous woolly blankets using pure Australian Merino wool, on the biggest handmade knitting needles we have ever seen.

So let me introduce you to Linda.

“My passion for wool began at my mother’s knee, as I watched the most amazing coat come to life under her fingers. It was all cables and baubles, moss stitch and assorted other complex stitchery, but the most memorable part of the coat was the smell. It was pure new Australian wool. I can’t tell you just how intoxicating I found it. “Linda says fondly.

Linda believes that each piece has its own unique story to tell and she pours her heart into each stitch. Being handmade and natural, they are as original as the people who will snuggle under them. “Your blanket holds a story hidden in the stitches, whispering from deep within the folds.” she adds.

Gather: Tell us a bit about yourself

LR: I’m a mummy to 3 amazing children – Lloyd 25, Sheedi 20 and Keehlan 16- I love them immensely and I am so proud of each of them. It is fascinating watching them become the most incredible human beings.

I’m a wife to my best friend, champion and knitting right-hand man. John would have to be the most patient man I know! He encouraged me to start The Flying Lamb and smiles through all the chaos and balls of yarn.

We have a tuxedo cat we named Boris. We adopted him about 12 years ago on Valentine’s Day after leaving a rodeo. He has a lot of attitude, a kinky tail and all of our love.

Our home is on the Mornington Peninsula, which is about one hour south east of Melbourne. We wanted to give back to this amazing community that we call home, so we helped establish a new style of Rotary club on the Peninsula.

Gather: How did the name come about?

LR: Ha ha ha, I get asked this a lot! I’d love to recite a drama filled tale with a dash of romance and a near death experience but no, the real story has nothing that exciting in it. It started with me getting very bored with regular sized yarn and regular sized needles. I then began experimenting and making throws, blankets, scarves…in fact anything and that was when Luxe Big Knits was born. Two years later, I wanted to change the name, and to cut a very long story down, I am a Monty Python fan.

Earth Throw from the Riverstone Collection
Silt Throw from the Riverstone Collection

Gather: Why do you insist on Australian merino wool?

LR: I love working with wool and natural fibres; it just feels right.

The choice of using Australian Merino comes down to its superior quality. Choosing Australian wool supports our local economy and farmers and keeps traditional skills alive. I thinks it makes it that much more satisfying for me.

Gather: Are there any blogs or magazines that you read regularly?

LR: Slow Magazine has to be my favourite mag – the articles AND the advertisers resonate with me. Fortunately SLOW comes out quarterly / seasonally as it takes that long to read all the rich content from front to back cover.

Peppermint Magazine is my other joy. The delightful spirit and ingenuity of the people who make up each issue inspire me and entertain me.

Gather: Are there any trends that you follow or people that inspire you?

LR: I prefer not to follow trends. I guess I’m a little bit of a traditionalist in some ways; I like the timelessness of a well-made piece.

Merino Wool blanket

Gather: What was your path to get you here now?

LR: Growing up watching my mother use her superpowers over yarn and needles was the foundation for my love. My mother encouraged me to knit and sew and I became entranced with the craft, but it did take a few decades to get a firm grasp on the needles.

When my children were born, I discovered that everyone loves their own ‘sookie blanket’, you know the kind: curl up on the couch and pull up your favourite blanket or feeling sick and in need of that extra layer of love. And so began my obsession for soft and chunky wool and giant needles.

Life changed and I found myself with a Bipolar diagnosis. At the time it was a bit of a blow, now I see it as a rich blessing. Early in my treatment, my Psychologist suggested I immerse myself in things that I enjoy that give me a sense of peace and accomplishment. It may seem odd but my knitting does just that. The gentle rhythm and clicking of the needles calms me, focuses my brain and helps me reset.

Have you heard that expression “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day”? That is how I feel about my knitting. And so here we are today; I get to wrestle with my giant needles and beautiful wool every day and click clack my way into people’s hearts and homes through my chunky blankets.

Gather: What plans do you have for the future?

LR: My mission is to snuggle the world with one chunky stitch at a time, ha ha ha!

I want to keep experimenting with new natural fibres and homeware pieces. I want to see how chunky I can get. Eventually, I’d like to move into the international market.


Gather: Where can we find you? (website, insta etc)



Gather: Can you sum yourself up in one sentence?

LR: I’m a busy, but happy mum and wife, with a serious addiction to wool. I’m also a grammar aficionado and wine connoisseur, but that is another sentence.

Linda Reeve of The Flying Lamb
The Flying Lamb & The Gather Collective

We are thrilled that Linda of the Flying Lamb is joining The Gather Collective Artist Series to co-create two stunning knit throws as part of our Gather Home collection. This new series is called Riverstone and is available from our website