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Leaving the neighborhood

Sep 20, 2019

We farewelled our beautiful King St studio last week, handing back the keys on Friday afternoon and promptly packing the camper to head north along the east coast of Australia. It’s a bittersweet feeling to let go of the studio, only it’s physical residence, purely because I worked so damn hard over the last decade to get to a point where we could have a dedicated space for all our projects and clients.

The thing is, I outgrew the space some time ago, when I realised it no longer fitted our lifestyle. We actually run three small businesses, one being Gather, the other my husbands industrial project management business, and for 18 months or so we’ve also been creating content for other businesses and travelling Australia to do so, for Trents other business Not A Gap Year. We love them all, they all challenge us differently and allow us to help people in different ways. But being tied to a specific address almost became inconvenient. If we’re not working on the road somewhere in Australia, we’re out onsite with clients in Newcastle and still not in the studio. It no longer makes sense.

So the decision was made to work remotely on Gather, decentralising the girls to all work from their homes around their families, and to go back to our roots of working from the kitchen table between cups of tea and piles of samples. Which, coincidently, is exactly how we ran this ship in our cosy little studio.

This week, I’ve been working on the road, Kristy has been juggling onsite duties before she heads off herself for a well deserved break, and Kate’s been working with Belinda at Valley Vogue to document her new journey as well. I’ll pop a post up about her brand new flag ship studio soon which we were asked to collaborate on. Feeling a bit nostalgic so heres a few pics of the last 6 years in King Street.

Here’s to living in alignment x