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Live beautifully | Easter crafting

Mar 20, 2016

Photography + Styling: Gather


Easter in our home has always been a time of reconnecting and relaxing. Its time spent together, whether indoors or out, but most importantly just being.
It also signals the end of the school term and Easter craft abound. I love nothing more than sitting down with the kids and getting stuck into a project with them – it grounds me (even more so when they tell me what they really think of my attempts:) and reminds me to slow down enough to not miss these moments.

This year was Kailas first year to make her own parade hat, and in typical 9 year old fashion, it was to include feathers, flowers and chocolate galore. But with our beautiful longer than normal summer, melting chocolates are a no-go on the Easter Hats, so painted eggs would need to suffice.

Heres a quick, easy hat to make in an afternoon (particularly good if you’re time poor like me) x


These can be all picked up at the local thrift or craft store.

1. Flower lei. We chose a solid colour one in a soft blue, but leis come in all sorts of colour choices.

2. Band of elastic to fit head. In the sewing aisle you’ll find some around 1 to 2 cm wide.

3. Feathers for the front. We chose 3 flouncy feathers, but simple swan feathers would also look beautiful.

4. Some decorating eggs to paint. You’ll also need some acrylic paint and sparkle if you wish. I deliberately put some softer pastels on Kailas painting dish, knowing they would sit better with her flowers, then let her loose to paint away.

Grab your self a stapler, some scissors, and a hot glue gun.


Above: Brass scissors small


Above Left: Materials – paint brushes, scissors and mixing tray.  Above Right: Put some colours together that work well with their flower lei, then let them decorate.


The making:

The only real trick to this was attaching the band and the flowers together. I cheated and simply doubled the flower lei in half, and it happened to fit her head beautifully. I stapled this to the elastic band (with the staples smooth side in so as not to catch her hair) and then stapled the feathers into place at the front. If doubling over your lei doesnt work for you, you might need to simply cut the lei to the right length before stapling to the elastic.

After Kailas eggs had dried, we hot-glue gunned them into place.

And done. Simple, pretty and she was thrilled.


Above: Materials – decorative eggs to paint


Above: Hand forged brass scissors


Above: Decorative eggs glued into place.


It would be simple to use this concept for a boy too, by replacing the flower lei with a band of soft leather and changing the feathers to more rigid swan feathers.

We hope you and yours have a safe, relaxing Easter break, and you enjoy any snippets of time you get with your little ones x


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