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Queens of Beige

Nov 8, 2017

Photography + Styling: Gather

We were having a giggle in the office this week over our ‘beigeness’. If there’s such a term, we’re pretty much the queens of it when it comes to interiors. And it’s not to be bland and boring, or safe as a palette; its that it truly makes us happy. An interior with a neutral undertone takes us through the seasonal trends that pass through our space and create a space that transcends the quick fashion fixes. In other words, it lasts. And if I’m going to suggest a client invest $8k in a rug, I’m going to make sure that puppy lasts more than one season of Downtown Abby.

Designing with such restraint in our initial brief allows us to think larger when it comes to introducing key pieces. A well-chosen armchair or over-scaled artwork with colour conviction deservedly wins the eye when entering the space, rather than a mix of competing colourful pieces. Thereafter, its all about layering your tones and introducing balancing colours to pull the palette together.

Heres a few of our fav neutral spaces which win the colour stakes too.


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