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Take a seat | The humble stool

Sep 26, 2014

Mixing stools with existing benches and chairs creates a warm inviting feel that screams casual entertaining.


Stools have been around for eons. Today, the stool is not just used for seating but as a show piece that can make or break a room. There are so many materials and colours available, the options are endless – timber, polypropylene, polycarbonate, aluminium, stone, concrete, upholstered, transparent, bright colours, shiny or matt and the list goes on.

Here are some stools we are loving:

E15 Solid Oak stool by Philipp Mainzer

degree stool by Patrick Norguet

butterfly stool by Sori Yanagi

Gamme Elipse by Jean-Pierre Martz

bjork stool Lena Bergstrom


Alvo Stool by Brian Beck

knit stool by Claire-Anne O'Brien

1. Platner Stool | Designed by Warren Platner | Polished nickel or metallic bronze finish with huge range of fabrics.
2. E15 Solid Oak | Designed by Philipp Mainzer | Solid wood stool/side table.
3. Degree (stool/table/small storage) | Designed by Patrick Norguet | White or Black rotational polypropylene with or without genuine cork coating.
4. Butterfly Stool | Designed by Sori Yanagi | Moulded plywood stool.
5. Gamme Elipse | Designed by Jean-Pierre Martz | Moulded plywood. Laser cut painted steel or aluminium.
6. Bjork Stool | Designed by Lena Bergstrom | Wool stool with leather handle.
7. Alvo Stool | Designed by Brian Beck | Hand made Timber stool
8. Knit Stool | Designed by Claire-Anne O’Brien | Knitted seat on stool base