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tiny living

Feb 18, 2015

Photography + Styling: Gather
Design: Gather


It feels not that long ago that we renovated our tiny two bedroom miners cottage and created a still small, but comfortable, 3.5 bedroom home. The point-five room was always intended to be used as our master ensuite (when the inevitable time and money permitted). However, instincts of our family of four not ‘being done’ finally won out. Against all logic of having way too much going on in our life, we went ahead anyway and added to our little family.

Two years later, the point-five was converted to a junior room. Fit for a toddler, large enough for a corner of the world he can call his own, and cute enough that I am willingly sacrificing the extra bathroom I no longer need to clean.

Living small is a term I tend to associate with apartment living or downsizing couples. As our family has grown however, I have become very proficient at living small; small in scale, small in wants, and even smaller in what we really need to be happy. Thats not to say I don’t indulge. It simply means I get clever in the way I do things. This point five was an exercise in literally living small, but it also reminded me that kids don’t always need the list of things we often assign them. So far, so good. He’s loving his room, has a place for everything and I find tidying this space a 2 minute process. Exactly what I needed in our busy lives. Hope this inspires you x

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