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A holistic approach to design and wellness

Knitted Luxury | The Flying Lamb

We are devoted to finding perfect pieces for our homes that are gentle on our little families and gentle on the environment. Imagine our delight when we saw Linda Reeve’s blankets.

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GatherCovet | Leather

Spike, as he was affectionately known, was my larger than life grandfather. He was an incredible artistian and could work wonders with leather. He could create beautifully hand crafted pieces ranging from simple belts to complex bags, clothing and saddles. He made me...

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Relaxed living | Crushed linen

Sometimes, a little lived-in, crushed linen is all thats needed. Crinkle is the perfect couch cushion for weekend relaxing and weekday style. Shop the new addition here...

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Play | Architecture

Living in the cold, Japanese town of Sapporo, playing outside has its limits. Winters welcome heavy snowfall that reaches up to 5 metres high making a play at the local park unlikely during this season.

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Find | Table Lamps

Nothings better than curling up with a hot chocolate, a big chunky throw and a good book. I flick my lamps on and instantly my home seems to glow and cosiness fills every corner.

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FIND| Oliver Furniture

We are always talking multi-purpose furniture around here. Its our way of designing with longevity in mind. If I am (on behalf of my client) to invest in a piece of furniture, I question what I’m going to do with it later. Later when I’m re-decorating, later when the trends change, later when I’m bored with it, or just later when the kids have outgrown it.

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tiny living

It feels not that long ago that we renovated our tiny two bedroom miners cottage and created a still small, but comfortable, 3.5 bedroom home. The point-five room was always intended to be used as our master ensuite (when the inevitable time and money permitted). However, instincts of our family of four not ‘being done’ finally won out. Against all logic of having way too much going on in our life, we went ahead anyway and added to our little family.

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